Reembolso a los parientes de niños con special needs.

Mayor de Blasio

Westchester NY.-Coincidencialmente inicio estos artículos sobre la contienda del Distrito congresional No. 13. Descubro en el proceso de investigacion que el candidato  Senador Adriano Espaillat no voto por varias leyes trascendentales para la educacion y otros renglones de las comunidades a las que sirve, tampoco lo hizo la Asambleista Gabriela Rosa. Este blog lleva varios días con publicaciones de estos hallazgos. Es en este lapsus de dias que se aprueba la ley de reemborso mediante la lucha de los oficiales Felder y Flanagan. 

Hoy el Alcalde Bill de Blasio quien tiene una postura digna sobre las escuelas Charter y los servicios a los estudiantes con deshabilidad y a sus parientes hablo claro y preciso respecto a la Ley aprobada ayer S 7722A - Ley de reemborso y a la que el Senador Espaillat y la Asambleista Gabriela Rosa dieron la espalda desde Febrero del 2008 cuando se iniciaron los esfuerzos a nivel legislativo.

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Coincidentally I start these articles on the congressional race of district 13. I discover in this research process that the candidate Adriano Espaillat did not vote for many transcendental laws for the education and other issues of the communities he serves, nor did the assemblywoman Gabriela Rosa. This blog, for the past few days now, has published these many revelations. In this time-laps the special education reimbursement law passes via the struggle of the elected officials Felder and Flanagan.
Today the Mayor Bill de Blasio who has a dignified stance on charter schools and the services for disabled students and their parents spoke clearly and directly in respect to the law that passed yesterday S 7722A - Authorizes Special Education Tuition Reimbursement in which that Senator Espaillat and the assemblywoman Gabriela Rosa turned their backs on since February 2008 when the legislative struggle was started. (MV)
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NEW YORK, NY 10007


Mayor Bill de Blasio: Well, welcome, everyone. I want to welcome our colleagues from the Assembly and the Senate who have joined us here today. I just to say this before we get into this issue – that I really want to offer my appreciation on behalf of the people of this city to all of my colleagues here. This year in Albany – I’ve experienced it from a different perspective than ever before, Mr. Speaker – the fact is that our delegation in Albany fought for us in the budget process, fought for us in the flurry of activity as the legislative session came to an end. And the record of achievement is outstanding. What was achieved in the budget process, overall for the city, was extraordinary, particularly the progress we made on pre-k. What was achieved in the legislative session on speed limits, on speed cameras, what was achieved earlier on homelessness prevention and on the rent-cap for people with HIV and AIDS – it is an extraordinary record of achievement and it is the individuals standing around me who deserve the credit. Sometimes having to fight against a lot of pressure, they found a way to get a lot done for this city. So I just want to start with that appreciation for a very very productive and impressive performance.

I’m going to talk about Speaker Silver in just a moment and offer my particular appreciation to him, but let me just mention all of the members of the Assembly who are present. If I miss anyone, Mr. Speaker, please correct me. I believe my staff has gone to the effort of even semi-alphabetizing. Okay. Here we go – I’ve got an update. So, it would’ve been Jeff Aubrey as the first one with an A, Mike Benedetto, Jim Brennan, Steve Cymbrowitz, Maritza Davila – Maritza, do you like Davila or Davila? Davila. Sometimes I get it wrong – Davila, my apology. Phil Goldfeder, Dov Hikind, Rhoda Jacobs, Joe Lentol, Walter Mosley, Felix Ortiz, Robert Rodriguez, Michael Simanowitz, Jose Rivera, and let’s see if I got – Francisco Moya, I got Robert Rodriguez – Michael Dendekker, and Nily Rozic. I think I got everybody there. Tell me if I missed anyone.
So, so much progress was made in the budget and in terms of the legislative actions that were taken. But there are also important moments where legislation was considered and the question was how could the city of New York best work with the legislature for an outcome that really helped our people? And this brings us to the issue of special education. As many of you may know, for the years as public advocate, even before that as a councilmember, I worked on this issue. And I felt very strongly as a public school parent myself that parents were often not treated fairly. I met with parents from all over the city who felt that their needs were not met, that their concerns were not answered, that they were put through a very difficult and often litigious process – and that for those who didn’t have resources, the process was even worse – all for families who were dealing with the challenge of having a child with special needs, in some cases multiple children with special needs. So for years I felt that there was an injustice that had to be addressed. And as public advocate, we did a series of reports and took action to try and support parents of children with special needs. We worked closely with advocacy groups all over the city. And what was increasingly clear was we needed a streamlined, parent-friendly, family-friendly, respectful approach that didn’t matter how good your lawyers were or how much money you had to spend on lawyers, but actually tried to address the family’s needs.
I also had a particular experience as a parent myself, because Chiara and Dante went to a school that was an inclusion school. The inclusion model means 50 percent, in this instance, 50 percent special education kids and 50 percent general education kids. Chancellor Fariña knows this school well – PS 372 in Brooklyn. And so, in every single class that my kids were in over the whole time they were there – pre-k to fifth grade – there were lots of kids with special needs of every kind from all over our community.And so I got to know parents and got to hear from them what their challenges were, and really came to admire parents who struggled their way through. It’s hard to be a parent in New York City. It’s doubly hard when your child has special needs, particularly if there are severe special needs. And I got to know parents first-hand and heard from them how they needed a better approach. And so, in these last days, as the opportunity arose to do something foundational and take matters into our hands here in New York City and right some wrongs, we were excited to do it and we found tremendous partners in that effort in Albany. And again, I’m going to speak about them in one minute, but I want to frame this.
Remember that the vast vast majority of children who have disabilities are well served by our public school system. I do want to make clear that we’ve got immense capacity to serve kids with special needs and we do it well, but clearly there are some families whose needs cannot be met – and that’s where the conflicts have come in and that’s where we want to act decisively to end the conflict and find an appropriate way forward. We do everything we can to met every child’s individual educational program in our public schools. And when parents determine that their public school can’t – their local schools cannot meet their needs – and they find a private school that can better meet the needs, that’s where we should be working with them to a productive solution. Parents have the right, under federal law, to seek tuition reimbursement. And the DOE often agrees with parents that their chosen school is appropriate. But even in some cases where the DOE and parents have agreed, the process, historically, of settling the cases dragged out for too long. So parents – even those with legitimate, clear claims – found themselves caught in needless bureaucratic delays and forced to pay thousands and thousands of dollars they just didn’t have. When they prevailed, then parents often found themselves waiting months and months for reimbursement checks. So let’s face it – the system penalized parents – struggling parents – in many many ways, even when it was clear the parents’ claim was appropriate. Well that might’ve been a good litigation strategy, if all you cared about was litigation and all you cared about was the bottom line – that might’ve been the good litigation strategy, but it was not a humane way to run a school system. It was not fair to parents. It was not fair to families. It was not fair to the children who had the needs.
So, today we’re turning the page. We’re starting on a new approach. And I have to say at the outset that Chancellor Fariña, who has a long history of addressing the needs of parents and children, of stopping some of the bureaucratic madness and finding ways to serve people better, and that everyone understands her history is first as a renowned teacher, then as a renowned principal, long before she became Chancellor, she has been so pivotally important to coming to a plan that can allow us all to treat parents and students better. And I want to thank Chancellor Fariña for all that she does.
Our colleagues in Albany who worked with us to find a solution – far-reaching, an immediate solution – I have to say, starting with Speaker Silver, in all my conversations with Speaker Silver, first of all, I start every conversation with immense respect for what the speaker’s done for this city. And we all know the phrase what have you done for me lately? Well, even if you like that way of thinking, I harken back to April and I know that we have full-day pre-k for every child in this city, largely because of the efforts of Speaker Silver. And that is doing a lot for us lately.
So in many ways he was one of the great heroes of the effort to bring early childhood education to this city in a truly universal manner. It’s something he’s been working on for almost 20 years. So I have a lot of appreciation, a lot of respect. When Speaker Silver talks to me about education, he has my full and immediate attention. And he said we have to find a solution that will affect people starting now. There was no question about that. And I want to thank you for all the support you’ve given. I want to thank you for working with us creatively and productively so we could find the solution that met your standards.
This whole discussion emanated from a legislative process – a good legislative process – that raised the concerns of people in need and demanded action. And, by the way, I always say to our colleagues in the legislature, if we can provide the answer, if we can show you the progress, give us that chance to do it. If we don’t provide the progress, the legislature, of course, has every right to act.
I want to thank all of my colleagues for recognizing that we meant business here in New York City and we were ready to make these changes and make them now. To the assembly lead sponsor of the legislation in this area – Assembly Member Helene Weinstein – I want to thank you.
I’ve had the honor of working with you for many years and you’re known for your integrity and your deep concern for families. And thank you for what you’ve done to bring us to this day. And then, a long-standing friend and colleague, going back we were rookies together – we literally ran for city council and became city council members the same day in neighboring districts – and Simcha Felder and I – now elevated to the state senate – but as councilmembers we worked together constantly on the needs of children and families. It was a constant theme in what we did. Remember the sanitation trucks? Making sure the sanitation truck routes weren’t at the same time as the school bus routes. We’ve done a lot together and I want to thank him for everything he’s done. He’s been a real friend in the senate for the city of New York in many ways and gotten a lot done. Thank you, Senator Felder.
And there’s a lot of people here today who have been advocates on this issue. Again, I have a rich history of talking to advocates from all over the city for years. This was often a fairly lonely struggle. Advocates for families who had children with special needs often felt they weren’t being heard. It was often very hard to get an audience at City Hall or at the Tweed building. We know that the world turns because people at the grassroots demand it, people organize and make their voices heard. So to all of the advocates and all the people who spoke up in this room, this is your victory too, and congratulations to all of you.
Now, the issue here is – this is a very human, tangible, real issue we’re talking about. This is not abstract public policy. This is not something that affects people in a small way. The issue we’re talking about here is fundamental. Families who are struggling to address the needs of a child who, again, are often stressed and stretched in every way, economically and otherwise – it’s time-consuming and difficult to help a child with special needs. You often feel as a parent that you don’t have the answers you wish you had, you feel sometimes powerless.
I want to tell you one story that really puts a point on this and explains why, for so many of us, it was important to act and act now. It’s a story of a family that had twin boys, a family living in Washington Heights. Twin boys diagnosed with severe learning disabilities. I’m not going to mention their names for privacy reasons, but just picture a family in Washington Heights, and not one child, but two children, twin boys, with severe disabilities. Both boys had central auditory processing disorders and anxiety disorders. One of the boys additionally had selective mutism, which led him to often not speak. Both were below grade level in reading and math. The public school they attended simply couldn’t provide the help they needed. The mother—a single parent, a working mom, struggling every day—she tried everything she could to get her boys into the right program. But there simply wasn’t anything available in the public system that fit.
She tried everything she knew how to do. Finally she found a private school setting that worked. She enrolled her boys despite knowing she couldn’t pay the tuition for long. She did what any parent would do and tried to find a path forward. And the school provided the boys one-on-one therapy in small group setting and very quickly—because of the help they were getting—these boys made progress. The one with the most severe disabilities is now able to write in clear paragraphs and do multiplication and division because he got the help he needed. And by definition the mother is thrilled that she could help her children.
So it would be lovely to end the story there, but it gets a little worse after that. This mother is still fighting, still tied up, in red tape. Her case from September 2013 is still not resolved. She’s paying out of pocket—still—even though she’s in the right, she’s paying out of pocket still and struggling every day financially. That’s not acceptable. That is not what any of us came here to allow to happen and it sends the wrong message to parents and children. It tells them not to get help instead of to do what is the instinct of any parent and seek the help they need. And it certainly flies in the face of the progressive values that I have set for this administration.
So starting this fall, when parents of children with disabilities seek tuition reimbursement, things will be different, and it will start this September. DOE will do the following things. One: work to settle as many cases as possible within a 15-day timeframe – one five – a 15-day timeframe; and refrain from re-litigating cases once they are settled. When there is no change in the DOE’s recommended placement for a child, there is no reason to litigate again and again each year. If there is a change, that has to be looked at, but when there is no change there is no reason for additional litigation. In addition, the Department of Education will expedite payments to families and will streamline paperwork. We will knock down barriers for children with developmental disabilities and ease burdens on families.That is the mandate – to make this easier and better for families to get money back in their hands.
I’m going to say this, because I think it’s important to be straightforward and clear. We do know that sometimes, parents pursue something that doesn’t make sense. That’s part of what we have to grapple with too. Again, vast majority of parents, vast majority of our children, are served well in our existing public schools. A number of parents seek a private placement – they have every right to – and we’re going to help them get it faster, better, with clearer reimbursement etcetera.
When we know that a particular claim doesn’t make sense, when the DOE has offered already an appropriate placement, when parents don’t choose a private school that actually meets the needs of the children educationally, or when parents do not attempt to cooperate with DOE to serve the child – in those cases, we reserve the right to take legal action if that’s the only measure. But that will be the exception, not the norm. We believe in a parent-friendly, family-friendly approach, that we’re going to be able to come to a resolution quickly in the vast majority of cases, and help parents get what they need.
This announcement today is an important reform, and, like everything else we’re doing in the area of education, we intend to do it immediately. You’ve seen what we’re doing with pre-K. You’ve seen what we’re doing with summer enrichment programs and after-school programs for middle school students. We don’t wait to implement these changes – you certainly see some striking changes and reforms in the new teachers’ contract. The game plan here is to change our approach to education, change our approach to children and families, right now, starting this year, in a big way. Chancellor Fariña has provided extraordinary leadership, and we keep setting the bar high, she keeps setting the bar high for her team, but these changes have to happen now and they will.
With that, I want to thank again the man who did so much to help this city move forward on education in so many ways – and this year has been a banner year for his efforts. I’d like to welcome to the podium the Speaker of the State Assembly, Shelly Silver.



Double standards and an unconscious dominicanism

Illustrious view: Charlie Rangel in an act of goodwill and protection  towards who would later on bite the hands of the one who fed him

By Miriam Ventura
Westchester NY.-If what Dominican voters of district 13 want is the representation in Congress of a politician who scratches, exhales hairs according to the environment of his surroundings, and his stressful back-and-forth convenient circumstances, handling himself with clumsy yet premeditated aggression towards supporters and opponents; if a political monstrosity whose methodology is downright shady, dragging a mischievous and malicious Maquiavelo (Machiavelli) down the Street of bitterness, acrobatic paws, dangerously clawed, a malleable spine that will guarantee a safe drop from nearly any political trick performed, if that is what Dominican voters want then this catlike figure must be elected as a congressman.
If that is what drives this feline-enwrapped Dominicanism, then yes we should be scared this June 24, 2014, where the second time Adriano Espaillat challenges the legendary Charlie Rangel for congress. If that is not what drives Dominicanism, then we have nothing to fear.
A blind vote for an individual who turns his back on hierarchies is not favorable. It is a vote for a feline specimen swollen with ambition, that which lacks long term memory, who seem to be “erase”, forget, the evidence and history of backing building owners between 1997-2010 while conditioning and / or eliminating rent control laws.
In that same container of forgetfulness Espaillat allowed other actions in the field of education, information, right to livelihood, health and other topics diminish in the Dominican neighborhood. For example the Senator and candidate for the district 13 congressman supported his pupil and ally, Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez in the name change of Juan Pablo Duarte School to PS Los Dos Puentes… One can ask: Does not the founding father of Quisqueya (Dominican Republic) belong in the iconography of the Dominicanism that Espaillat cherishes so dearly?
Before starting this article installment, I saw one of my favorite films: Kramer Vs Kramer in which Dustin Hoffman recounted how one could destroy a bond, an experience, a partnership, a family. I felt his words "it’s about love", and the here is the parody: this is a community, not a political character. What guarantees that for being Dominican that makes Espaillat the best thing that can happen to Quisqueyan community? Where is it written that voting for Espaillat, is necessarily patriotic? Ah, well, yes, the ones who were paid in this political showbiz along with Espaillat who justifies himself in exaggerating the patriotic emphasis in this election ...
Ah, and of course, and I do not blame them- those Dominicans who do not know any other alternative, because neither Espaillat nor his entourage have given them this opportunity. They have not been educating or empowering Dominicans in that sort. So blaming them would be ignorant.
I accuse politicians who promote ignorance, those who, via political “tips”, social mobility and continuity, allow double standards like Adriano Espaillat’s in which he has waved like a flag throughout his political career. We see it in a simple review of his votes, endorsements and sponsorship of laws on education, retirement, religion, senior citizens, etc.
Let's see:
Our aspiring congressman votes in favor of ethical choices, yet he is the first be reprimanded during this race by the Board of Elections to discontinue the practice of ensuring volunteers a job by just attending the meetings of Manhattan Northern Democrats for Change. The Board of Elections of New York stated that any notification of jobs of this sort will be exclusively from the official institution with their seal.
Espaillat in this double standards said Nay to legislation S 5596 - (Revising The Metropolitan Commuter Transportation Mobility Tax) - which included the Metropolitan Transportation Authority - MTA to give greater control of the use of funds from transportation companies throughout the State of New York which would result in beneficial incentives and special assistance to users and commuters while impose greater control on the constant increases in public transportation. Espaillat did not sign the act but publicly "sold" himself in subway stations and trains in New York, as the great defender of users and commuters of transportation services as well as “selling” himself as MTA’s greatest challenger. His package of histrionics includes of course a couple of "intimate" cable television producer, speakers and communicators who also join in on this boutique. Monkeys would dance to any tune for a good price.
Our great and catlike defender of Dominicans said Nay to the Legislation S -6735 S - (Amends to the Public Employee Retirement System) which increased by retirement by 3.5-6% for retirees and seniors. Well luckily it passed even without Espaillat’s vote, while holding his campaign headquarters in Isabel Geriatric Center...
After our “Premium Dominicanist” received support, benefits and overall friendship from Charlie Rangel, as any malevolent cat would do, scratches and meows with treason and betrayal. Espaillat associated himself with Vince Morgan, a former executive of Rangel, just like today’s hiring of Eliot Spitzer’s “girlfriend”: Lis Smith, who according to press sources cited at the end of this article, is part of the staff of Adriano Espaillat.

Like Jack the Ripper I like it in parts, others articles installment I will detail why it is not necessarily appropriate to have "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court" ... Oops! pardon me, “A Dominican like him in the Congress of the United States”.

On my sources, I do not have another agenda except to understand and document myself and others in this process.


Dominicanidad inconsciente y de doble moral

Linda estampa Charlie Rangel en actitud de consejeria y proteccion a quien mas tarde le mordio las manos

Por Miriam Ventura

Westchester NY.-Si los votantes dominicanos del distrito 13 lo que desean es la representación en el Congreso federal de un político que aruñe, exhale pelos de acuerdo al ambiente de su entorno, a los vaivenes de su propio estrés, que se maneje con torpe, pero premeditada agresividad con partidarios y oponentes; si se quiere un adefesio político que no escatime métodos turbios y que arrastre a un Maquiavelo travieso y mal intencionado por la calle de la amargura, maromero, diestro en saltos de piratas con zancadillas, espinazo maleable que le garantiza la buena caída en cualquier jugarreta política, entonces, si es así los votantes de origen dominicano deben elegir a un congresista gatuno.
Si a eso se dejara llevar una dominicanidad engatusada, sí habría que temer en las primarias demócratas de este 24 de junio, donde Adriano Espaillat, le disputara por segunda vez la representación congresional al legendario Charlie Rangel,de lo contrario no, nada habria que tener
Un sufragio a ciegas por un individuo de espaldas a las jerarquías, un voto por un espécimen felino, hinchado de ambición, que cual gatuno carece de memoria a largo término, donde parecen ser “borradas” evidencias e historial de votos a favor de los dueños de edificios entre 1997-2010 eliminando y/o condicionando las leyes de control de alquileres.
En ese mismo saco de olvido Espaillat deja caer otras acciones que en campo de la educación, la información, el derecho a ganarse la vida , salud y otros tópicos mermaron la estabiliad del vecindario dominicano. Por ejemplo el Senador y hoy candidato a congresista por el distrito 13 apoyo a su pupilo y aliado, el concejal Ydanis Rodríguez, en el cambio de nombre de la Escuela Juan Pablo Duarte,  hoy PS Los Dos Puentes... Y cabe preguntar: El patricio quisqueyano no pertenece a la iconografía de la dominicanidad que tanto cacarea Espaillat?
Antes de iniciar esta entrega, vi uno de mis films favoritos: Kramer Vs Kramer en el que Dustin Hoffman narraba cómo se podía destruir un lazo, una vivencia, una alianza, una familia. Se me quedaron sus palabras “Se trata de amor”, y la parodia queda: Se trata de una comunidad, no de un personaje político. Quién garantiza que por ser dominicano Espaillat es lo mejor que le puede pasar a la comunidad quisqueyana? Donde está escrito que votar por Espaillat, es necesariamente patriótico? Ah, bueno, si, los pagados, los faranduleros, los que se la buscan con Espaillat tienen razón en exagerar la nota patriótica en estas elecciones...
Ah, por supuesto –y no los juzgo-también aquellos dominicanos que no conocen más alternativas, porque ni Espaillat ni su sequito les ha dado esa oportunidad de educación y poder. Juzgarlos seria ignorante.
Acuso al político que promueva esa la ignorancia, aquellos que por prebendas, movilidad social y continuidad dejan pasar la doble moral que como bandera exhibe Adriano Espaillat a lo largo de su carrera política. Lo vemos en el simple repaso de sus votos, endosamientos y patrocinio a las legislaciones sobre los temas educación, retiros, religión, envejecientes, etc.
Veamos porque:
Nuestro aspirante a congresista vota a favor de una ética de elecciones. Y él es el primero en recibir, durante esta contienda una amonestación por parte de la Junta de Elecciones para que descontinúe la práctica de garantizar trabajo a los voluntarios con tan solo asistir a los meeting del Northern Manhatattan Democrats for Change, y condiciona el aspecto laboral a que los miembros del club reciban una comunicación oficial del organismo
Espaillat en ese doble juego dice que no (Nay) a la legislación S 5596 – (Revising The Metropolitan Commuter Transportation Mobility Tax )- que incluyo a la Metropolitan Transportation Authority - MTA que otorgaría mayor control del destino de los fondos de las compañías de transporte de todo el Estado de Nueva York lo que repercutiría en incentivos y ayudas especiales para los usuarios a la vez que impondría mayor control en los aumentos constantes del transporte público.
Espaillat no firmo la medida pero se “vende” públicamente en las estaciones y subterráneos de los trenes de Nueva York , como el gran defensor de los usuarios del servicio y el mas desafiante a la MTA. Su package de histrionismo incluye claro está un par de “íntimos”, productores de programas del sistema de televisión por cable, locutores y toda suerte de comunicadores que le hacen el coro. Por la plata baila el mono.
Nuestro grandioso y gatuno defensor de la dominicanidad dijo que no a la Legislación S -6735 S –( Amends the Public Employee Retirement System ) que incrementaba el retiro un 3.5- 6% para retirados y envejecientes. Bueno se aprobó sin su voto, mientras Espaillat sostiene una especie de comando de campaña (Head-quarters) en el Isabel Geriatric Center.
Nuestro “dominicanista premium” después de recibir el apoyo, beneficios y la amistad de Charlie Rangel como todo gato, aruña a traición. Así se asocia con Vince Morgan, ex ejecutivo de Rangel, tal cual  lo hace hoy con Eliot Spitzer y su compañera sentimental Lis Smith, quien según fuentes periodísticas citadas al final de este articulo, forma parte del staff de Adriano Espaillat.
Como a Jack el Destripador me encantan las partes, en otros articulos mas detalles del porque no necesariamente conviene "un yanqui en la Corte del Rey Arturo"... Oops! pardon, un dominicano como este en el congreso de los Estado Unidos.



Estas han sido las fuentes s. No tengo otra agenda solo entender y documentarme yo y a los demás en este proceso.

Dias  mas tarde de la publicación de mis artículos, algunos en español otros en inglés sobre la contienda entre Rangel y Espaillat. El New York Times publicó esto: Ver el link



Al fin oficio a mis bolsas de bodega y supermarket: Jardín en reciclado

Es algo mucho más tranquilo que ir al Estadio y como cada temporada estarme allí disfrutanto tirando vainas. Preparando alforja para el equipazo -los Nelson- y par de amigos o cuñis, esto es mas encantador que irme al Alto Manhattan y pelearme con media docena de tunantes literarios y con suerte salir ilesa, es muchchisimo mejor que acudir al beauty parlo y discutir y discutir con Thelma si me tiño o no las canas, si el chisme de Lourdes y Martha es factible en cuanto ambas son de la harina del mismo costal: Marcos el dandy de Bailey,,, amigas o amantes?
Lo juro es tantitisimo mejor que comunicarme con Ximena y su marido y siempre la misma pendejada con México y Brasil y el futbol, el Parque de Mosholu ya no aguanta a México y Brasil enfrentados o emparentados, definitivamente es más grato que tirarme a la calle al medio en casa de Aber y seguir seguir seguir con los nuyorican como correctamente se escribe aquí en el NYS a quienes son nacidos en o viven en NY de origen puertorriqueño.
Es magnífico quedarme en casa y renovar la imagen de mi pequeño jardín interior: mis bolsas de supermercado se sintieron llenas y no de consumerismo, sino de vida, vida y realidad concreta.
Las bolsas son del Food town(Bazar) situado en la apasionada, Mount Vernon la"popeyetica" una vez inaugurada la comida chatarra de mayor prestigio en Westchester county .
Estas bolsas de absolución para no cargar con mas plásticos a mi hogar -dan cáncer- y no mas.., se acomodaron en la estantería de mi cocina como montañas, las tome de golpe y por raso y las hice capitánas de tierra, abono, agua y semillas florales  y comestibles hace tres semanas tengo este resultado. Amo lo que sale de las manos, amo lo que sale de la tierra!


De pesca...uga chaca, uga chaca

El sabado pasado de pesca y paseo en la bahia de Mamaroneck. la pase maravillosa con los nelson, hamsters y beavers, estas dos ultimas gratitudes que la naturaleza me regala,  abandonaron el beaver dam, que ocupan en nuestro hogar comun,  para acompanarnos en el largo e intenso paseo por la bahia. Mas no le puedo pedir a la vida.


Una mañana en katona

Una hermosa mañana en Katona. El fotografo es el hijo con su playstation vita.
Y cuándo alcanzaremos a estos muchachos?
Ese me graba y retrata hasta las lagañas, pero soy muy feliz demasiado feliz con mi bebe...