To be a graduated poet...

Charles Ives
Denise Levertov (Beats Gen.) 
Mark Twain

By Miriam Ventura
Westchester, NY. –I do not like to be static in one place. I have more than decade living here. I would like to alter my air, and to see such fame from many poets. I have decided I shall try my luck to graduate a poet as well.
I want to graduate as a female poet!! Indeed, because I have never been a poet. People think I have potential. Oh my God. Maybe I should attempt to be a poet for once and obtain my degree in poetry. *Gasp* Maybe I can be a poet with a concentration therapeutic verse. Hm.
It’s settled. I am going to Connecticut. Where the Connecticut Yankee of Camelot was born from Mark Twain’s famous tale. Where a great Composers such as Charles Ives were born and raised. Indeed, a magical place where all poets are born.
I am going to be a student at a Community College. Prestigious institutions where perhaps I shall find my true love in writing. I want to leave behind my private instructors. I want to sit down in classroom, no longer simple poetry workshops with famous literary figures.
Oh lord, how poetic! Now before we go out and buy property in Danbury or Waterbury. I need to make sure my poetry pays the bills. I can set up a clinic for to cure verses with mental health problems or even make a circle of women poets like me and friends did in the 90’s in 76th street and Broadway, New York, but this time I’ll charge 100 bucks per poem my students write. I will even make terrible translations for great prominent poets on purpose so then I can take all the credit.
Oh, the thought of this gets me so poetic I’ll even write a poem. I’ll pretend I am doing my senior thesis (“going ahead of myself but who cares”) Roses are red/Violets are blue…
“Oh Yes, the hyperboles construct the myth building symbols between the roses and the violets are just so metaphorical.” Says every future critic of this magnificent opus.
Wow! Even my son agrees to move to Connecticut because, as a composer, he is attracted to Charles Ives.
Wow I feel famous already. I hope that what happened to him whose works have been largely ignored throughout his life does not happen to me.
Connecticut is a rich state with much economic well-being. You may think the contrary from articles and actual research but nope. I know I am right because I am will be an academic and we all know academics are always right.
Following up with all this the first thing was to plan to visit the museum of the great American composer born in Danbury. And that we did! However, they informed me that they are in a financial crisis, according to their words, like all of Connecticut State.
Oh, what do I do now? I want to be a poet. Leave outside “La Bohème”, bring inside my textbooks, leave out creativity and take in the standard, take away the opposing perspective of governments, but instead be run away from radicalism, and finally never look back at the women poets of the Beats generation.
I will have to “load my guns” for somewhere else, another territory. Give up on transnationalism.
I was so excited to graduate as a poet, to arrive at the great academic lectures, intermingle together with famous poets, professors, psychologists, social workers, that produce great books promoted in governmental book fairs… I was excited to be a “Connecticut Yankee” in the Poets Circle… I mean King Arthurs Court, and write letters that challenge great editorials, anthologies, publishers, all in the custom of Mark Twain.
Careful, I still want to be a great poet. To be or not to be? That is the question.

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