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My visit to Arcade Bookstore in Rye, NY

By Miriam Ventura

As its name indicates: Arcade, very much in agreement with the geography and territory of the little city where those who want to truly study diplomacy go, the little Rye on the southeastern side of Westchester County, it is the bookstore that is still standing after 30 years.
The word “Arcade” is relative to the architecture or passageways shaped in the form of arches. Just like arc shaped construction of the buildings of Rye and even its land has said pattern, for Rye even looks like a tiny arc in the map of Westchester County. One turns into an Arcade when walking the streets of Rye.
But in this case the Arcade booksellers, not only are the bookcases are like so, also her attachment to classic literature, to good books, reaching up to the latest in book selling.
My visit to this bookstore was marked for the first time when I asked for the shelf on foreign language, the owner, Patrick Corcoran, confessed to me, with some weight, Rye has no readers in Italian, French, Spanish or Portuguese. I felt sorry because near Rye there is Harrison, Pelham, Mamaroneck, New Rochelle, and Larchmont. Larchmont has a large French population, which has another bookstore still standing in Westchester, which was where I obtained French, Spanish and Italian books.

My second visit to Arcade Bookstore was marked after my visit to the Museum of Rye, and dining at a typical Uruguayan restaurant in Rye. This time a sweet lady attended me. She was organizing the bookcases and I was looking for a book on Stalin by Stephen Kotkin, again, “since I was in an Arcade”, I mounted the issue of the books of foreign language and how the big and small bookstores have been closing down in Westchester. She touched my heart when she said, “Amazon is an Octopus that absorbs...”. I agreed.
We went into detail, Amazon’s prices and local bookstores can never compete. This same book that I am referring to costs twenty dollars on Amazon, but Arcade has it approximately forty. But the quality of the book its cover its binding, its foliage, was distinct here.
Arcs are corners. Arcs are angles, to defeat Amazon one needs be more than an Octopus. I left Arcade booksellers happy.

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